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Ethics and Standards

  • We will act with integrity this means being honest and straightforward in all that you do.
  • but is not restricted to the following manners or actions:
  • Individual trustworthiness in working with you.
  • Personally being accessible and visible in the way you work.
  • Sharing fitting and essential data with our clients and/or others to conduct commerce and doing so in a manner so you can comprehend that material.
  • Revering confidential data of yours and potential family members.
  • Will not divulge information to others unless it is fitting to do so on your behalf .
  • We will no take advantage of our client’s or third party parties that we owe a duty of care to. We will not allow bias, conflict of interest or the unnecessary influence of others to overrule our  professional or business judgements and responsibilities.
  • We will make it clear to all interested parties if there is conflict of significance, or even a potential conflict of interest.
  • We will converse with you client in a way that will help you to make informed decisions.
  • If you use our services then we will ensure that we provided  those services within the timescale agreed. 
  • Our organisation has the objective treatment of clients at the heart of its business ethos.