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I would highly recommend using Neville because he took all the stress of selling my house for me in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire especially as I live in Staffordshire.
His method is a straightforward process and reliable.

Mrs J H

Extra value to land


To whom it may concern


Re Neville Douglas of  Ashantidutch property lettings Trading also as Familiar homes Buyers.


We are in the process of changing owners of the surgery and as a result of this we had to amend facets of the commercial lease, Neville Douglas was consulted to look at this with us. Neville detected administrational anomalies on the legal documents that were detrimental in regard to the property details.  Neville’s eye to detail was very good in spotting this as we have been through this process a number of times and this had never before been detected.  We have fully investigated this now and as a result of this we had the surgery revalued and this has increased the value of the property.



Yvonne C Business Partner …. Medical Centre.