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Exceptional Support from Neville Douglas in selling my challenging property

This is to thank Neville Douglas for his outstanding help and assistance with selling my property.
My house was not straightforward as it had unique and complicated problems with structure making it non-mortgageable. Neville’s expertise, dedication and strategic approach was the pivotal role in successfully navigating the complexities and ultimately achieving a successful sale.
From the initial consultation Neville demonstrated an in-depth approach and understanding of the property’s challenges, he devised a comprehensive plan to address them. His knowledge of the market and creative problem-solving skills were evident throughout the entire process.
Neville’s commitment to transparency and clear communication fostered a genuine sense of trust, reassuring me during what could have been a daunting time and experience.
One of the most useful and remarkable aspects of Neville’s ability was to identify potential buyers who would be interested in unconventional properties and situations. His extensive network and connections within the real estate industry proved invaluable in finding the correct successful match for my unusual property. Neville went above and beyond by working closely with potential buyers, explaining as necessary the structural issues and finding viable solutions, thereby increasing the attractive of the property.
Furthermore, Neville’s negotiation skills were exceptional. He successfully and skillfully managed the delicate balance of ensuring a fair deal for both parties, whilst also considering the house’s distinctive challenges. His tenacity and professionalism were evident in every interaction, and he consistently advocated for my best interests.

In summary, Neville Douglas’s guidance and expertise were instrumental in overcoming the challenges and hurdles associated with selling my non-mortgageable property.
His unwavering commitment, market knowledge, and negotiation skills transformed what could have been a daunting experience into a successful and profitable sale. I wholeheartedly recommend Neville Douglas to anyone seeking a dedicated and resourceful real estate professional, especially when dealing with properties that come with unique challenges.

Ms Joy Taylor Cashmore

Joy Taylor Cashmore

Quick sale , very happy

I have known Neville for quite a while and I approached him to sell my property for me, he surprised me when he said he would be able to find a buyer within 3 months not just people to view the property but to buy the property, we agreed and shortened the time period, within two weeks he had found a buyer and the sale is now going through.

Before we started the sales process he looked at the property and told me the things that may hold up the sale and so we had a plan if things did go wrong, luckily we did not need plan B, but it was good to be warned what to expect, as what can go wrong will go wrong without planning.

Neville also helped me to find an energy assessor to do my EPC and this made the process move forward a little faster, would I recommended Neville of Familiar Homes

David Lovatt

Great Client with a Great Vision

Working with Neville to build his online presence has and still is an absolute pleasure. His passion and the vision for the business shows everytime we discuss his online-presence and the next steps. His clear instructions and requirements have been precise and always based on the business goals.

Every invoice has been paid on time and every query has been responded to straight away even in the early hours. I am proud to have Neville and this amazing vision as part of the Hyper 1 Digital customer base.

Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to 2022.

Chris Stretton

Thank you

I first saw Neville on youtube. Speaking about his property services business. Familiar home Buyers. He seemed very professional & Knowledgable. He was Staffordshire born & bred & knew the area like the back of his hand. I decided to reach out to him. He was very thorough with his research & due diligence. In no time at all he found a property for me, I had been looking for a while. He secures the property for you, avoiding it going to the market. I am very pleased with his services & would recommend his work.

Yvonne Reynolds

Stress Free Selling

I would highly recommend using Neville because he took all the stress of selling my house for me in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire especially as I live in Staffordshire.
His method is a straightforward process and reliable.

Mrs J H

Extra value to land


To whom it may concern


Re Neville Douglas of  Ashantidutch property lettings Trading also as Familiar homes Buyers.


We are in the process of changing owners of the surgery and as a result of this we had to amend facets of the commercial lease, Neville Douglas was consulted to look at this with us. Neville detected administrational anomalies on the legal documents that were detrimental in regard to the property details.  Neville’s eye to detail was very good in spotting this as we have been through this process a number of times and this had never before been detected.  We have fully investigated this now and as a result of this we had the surgery revalued and this has increased the value of the property.



Yvonne C Business Partner …. Medical Centre.