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Welcome to Familiar Homes buyers Ltd your house selling solution​

    Familiar Home Buyers LTD - Stoke On Trent Home Buyers

    About Familiar Home Buyers


    The Director, Neville, has an extensive background in the construction industry, having worked in it  for 32 years and trained extensivley in Stoke-on-Trent.

    He has a Bsc (Hons) in building surveying and a Masters Msc in commercial property development, this skills are utilised to help you sell your house

    Hi companies primary focus is to offer quick sale solutions to clients who may not have the luxury of time to go through the traditional, lengthy selling process.


    The company understands that some clients might be facing challenging personal or financial situations. In such cases, our trained staff will closely collaborate with you to fully understand your specific needs and circumstances.


    By doing so, we can structure a sale that best aligns with your requirements and assists you in your current situation.


    Neville believes in open communication and values every conversation with potential clients. He encourages people to reach out to him directly for assistance, emphasising that no conversation is considered a waste of time. This approach highlights the company’s commitment to providing personalised and tailored solutions to each client, ensuring a positive and beneficial selling experience.