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Helping you with Downsizing?

Selling your house to move into a smaller home if you are looking at downsizing your property, you have more than likely set your highest priorities as ensuring you acquire a house that is both smaller than your existing property, and also of a lesser market value.

There are many reasons why you may be thinking of downsizing, such as to:

  • Pay off your existing debts using the money drawn from the sale
  • Reduce your mortgage payments, or to pay off your mortgage balance
  • Keep your households bills to a minimum
  • Keep maintenance jobs to a minimum
  • Live in a more efficient and greener home
  • Enable you to create a clutter-free existence
  • Reduce the amount of regular domestic chores that you need to do
  • Reduce the size of the garden, therefore helping to minimize the amount of outdoor chores
  • Reduce your living space due to a family member moving out or needing a bungalow.
  • Create retirement funds


Whatever your reason for downsizing your home, the selling and purchasing process can become a highly gratifying experience when handled correctly. For example, it may open up the opportunity for you to seek out your dream home, such as a hyper-modern newly built townhouse, a ground floor flat or bungalow to help you during you retirement years, or a little cottage with breath-taking views

Familiar Home Buyers LTD - Stoke On Trent Home Buyers

At Familiar Homes buyers Ltd, we can offer you a quick, simple and highly ethical selling solution for your property. Unlike the more conventional selling approaches, there are very little fees to pay, as valuations may not be required and estate agents do not need to be instructed. In addition to this, you will not be bombarded with extensive paperwork to complete, as your solicitor will be able to help and, you will be able to concentrate on the other importance aspects of home moving, such as packing and getting rid of any clutter that you do not want to take to your new home, with the reassurance that the sale of your home is moving forwards smoothly.

Downsizing is easy with Familiar Homes buyers Ltd.